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HKSAR’s 20th Anniversary

This year marks the 20th Anniversary of Hong Kong’s return to the motherland and the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR).
Since 1997, Hong Kong has thrived under the principles of "one country, two systems", and "Hong Kong people administering Hong Kong" with a high degree of autonomy.
The 20th Anniversary is a significant milestone for our country and the people of Hong Kong. The theme of our celebrations is “Together • Progress • Opportunity”, which embodies the core values of Brand Hong Kong as a free, enterprising and innovative city committed to excellence and quality living; and as a dynamic, cosmopolitan, diverse and secure society that thrives on connectivity with the world.
We have much to celebrate about our progress together over the past 20 years; but there are many more opportunities to come as we face the next 20 years, and beyond, together here in Asia’s world city.
Check out these stories about Hong Kong in our 20th Anniversary year:

Wall Street Journal Future Projects: The Super Connector
(October 2017) A Global Fintech City
  Building a Creative Culture
  Creating a Global Knowledge Bank
  Red Carpet to the Belt and Road
CNBC Hong Kong: Economic Stronghold of the Budding Bay Area
(September 2017) Hong Kong: Financial "Super-Connector" to the Mainland
  Preparing for Hong Kong’s Growth Spurt
  Hong Kong: Fintech Start-up Hub
  "Why I Love Hong Kong": Expat Stories
Forbes Hong Kong: Dawn of a New Day
(September 2017)  
The Economist Hong Kong: The Great Connector
(September 2017)  • Services Strength Underpins Hong Kong's Belt and Road Ambitions
   • Silk Road Cities
   • Travelling the Belt and Road
   • Hong Kong’s Resilient Rise
   • Entrepreneurship a Rewarding Business in the City That Never Sleeps
   • Hong Kong on the Move
   • Hong Kong's Services and Technology Strengths Key to Bay Area Co-operation
(September 2017)
Destination Hong Kong: Connecting the World with China, and Investors with Opportunity
Financial Times Hong Kong: Building Infrastructure, Connections and Expertise (October 2017)
  Hong Kong, at the Crossroads of the Future (September 2017)
BBC Hong Kong: City of Inspiration Series
(June 2017)  • Nature
   • Culture
   • Start-up Opportunities
   • Heritage
   • Incubator for Business Success
CNN Iconic Hong Kong (July 2017)
   • Cycle Helmet Has Built-in Turn Lights
   • Fishing Village Gets Solar Power
   • Hong Kong's Dynamic Art Scene
   • Hong Kong's Soy Drink Success
   • Hong Kong's Kung Fu Stunt School
  Hong Kong: The Dragon That Never Sleeps (June 2017)
  Hong Kong: The Pulse of the East (June 2017)
  Harnessing Creativity: The Hong Kong Way (June 2017)
Monocle Hong Kong on the Up
(June 2017)  • Carrie Lam: New Leader
   • Connectivity
   • Healthy and Safe City
   • Mobility
   • Culture
   • Great Outdoors
   • Creative City
   • Making HK a Home
   • Big Interviews: Dr Margaret Chan
   • Big Interviews: Vivienne Tam
(ENG)      (JP)      (KOR)
(GER)      (RUS)
New York Times Living the Hong Kong Dream
(June 2017)
South China Morning Post AmCham Chair Lauds HKSAR Role as "Global and Trade Powerhouse"
(June 2017)
Last revision date: Apr 25, 2018