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Biotech blossoms in HK

Hong Kong hosts more than 250 biotechnology -related companies. They are attracted by the city’s excellent infrastructure, research funding and R&D capabilities. Hong Kong universities also engage in cutting-edge biomedical research, and have made major contributions in fields such as genomics and infectious diseases.

Innovation & Technology

The new clean fuel. water
A research team at the Chinese University of Hong Kong that has found a way to create clean fuel by simply exposing water (laced with a secret
Animation made easy
Hong Kong-based start-up GoAnimate enables companies and individuals to communicate ideas with dynamic animated videos in the cloud with their innovative drag-and-drop tools.
Innovative organic indoor framing
With a growing global population and climate change impacting crop yields, the ability to produce clean food is a critical issue. Hong Kong-based start-up Farm66
Clean-Tech startup plays a part in climate change battle
The Hong Kong-based startup En-trak targets commercial buildings with a connected device platform to help manage power use. Its cloud-based software pulls
HK-based surgical robotics startup is a cut above the best
Someday all microsurgeries will be performed by robots. That’s the vision of surgical robotics firm CuttingEdge MedTech, one of the Grand Finalists in
Smart robot Sophia achieves star status
The highly expressive robot Sophia, created by Hong Kong based firm Hanson Robotics, made international headlines when she was recently granted citizenship by Saudi Arabia.
Last revision date: Apr 17, 2018