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Innovation & Technology

Innovative Hong Kong

Apart from its magnificent harbour and plentiful granite, Hong Kong is not rich in natural resources. But we make up for this with high quality human resources and their proven ability to innovate.

That is why international rankings consistently place the city at the forefront of innovation. For example, Hong Kong ranks 14th in the 2016 Global Innovation Index, jointly published by INSEAD, Cornell University and the World Intellectual Property Organization.

Talented people, world-class research facilities and robust intellectual property protection underpin Hong Kong's growing success in science and technology.

Over the years, Hong Kong's scientific community has made major breakthroughs in fields ranging from chemistry and physics to medicine and advanced robotics.

This is Our Hong Kong. Why not make it Yours?

“The new clean fuel. Water.”

A research team at the Chinese University of Hong Kong has found a way to create clean fuel by simply exposing water (laced with a secret ingredient) to sunlight.

“The secret ingredient is red phosphorus. Under sunlight, it breaks up water to give off bubbles of hydrogen gas, a clean fuel,” says team leader Professor Jimmy Yu. “It is a very exciting development.”

Red phosphorus is a versatile element, commonly used as a flame retardant. It was generally regarded as an insulator instead of as a semiconductor – until the Hong Kong scientists discovered its other potential.

“Red phosphorus is an abundant substance that would never be used up,” Professor Yu explains. “It is found in the earth's crust, making its extraction easy.”

The clean fuel (hydrogen gas) produced in the process has a very high fuel capacity and creates more energy than other chemical fuels. The process of conversion leaves only water as a by-product, not toxic gas.

“The final goal is to develop an environmentally friendly way to generate clean fuel,” says Professor Yu, who holds several patents for his inventions. Thomson Reuters named him the “World's Most Influential Scientific Minds” in 2014.


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The new clean fuel. water
A research team at the Chinese University of Hong Kong that has found a way to create clean fuel by simply exposing water (laced with a secret ingredient) to sunlight.
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A research team at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology has invented a unique sewage treatment process.
New system zaps nasty germs in water
Water borne germs are a bane. Now, Hong Kong scientists have developed a device that can eradicate more than 90 per cent of bacteria in tap water in a few seconds.
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Hand of Hope for stroke victims
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, in collaboration with a therapeutic technology company, has invented a device to help stroke victims regain the use of their hands.
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Frank Wang had a dream to fly high – and Hong Kong helped him make it come true.
Wearable tech the way to go
Apple and Google lead the way. Now portable and wearable technology, invented by a team at The University of Hong Kong, promises to help logistics and manufacturing industries to track everything from goods in a warehouse to machine maintenance schedules.
Super-light steel for greener cars
Scientists at the University of Hong Kong have developed a new generation of super-light, ultra-strong automobile steel to make cars "leaner and greener".
An easier way to find a car parking space
Finding a place to park your car can be a major hassle in any big city.
Robot surgeon a world-first Hong Kong
Hong Kong scientists have invented the world’s first internally motorised, minimally invasive robot surgeon.
Poly U develops blazing fast data transmission
A research team at Hong Kong Polytechnic University has developed software that enables the world's fastest optical communications speed for data centres – 240G bits per second over 2km. That's 24 times faster than the existing speed.
Picturesque code raises the bar
The barcodes we know are a maze of black and white scribbles. Now, a research team at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology has developed a bar code system that’s much more appealing and functional.
May the inventive force be with you!
Researchers at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) School of Engineering have invented devices inspired by Star Wars: Force For Change, a global charitable initiative which harnesses the strength of Star Wars and its fandom to make a positive impact around the world.
Need a friend? Zara the robot can help
Fed up with people who don’t understand you? Need a friend to talk to? Try Zara the Supergirl.
Scientists helping plants to cope with stress
Researchers at the University of Hong Kong are looking for ways to protect plants from environmental stress caused by global warming and extreme cold weather.
‘Robot’ eyes help fight wildfires
Wildfires are a menace that destroys lives, homes and the environment around the world. Now, Insight Robotics, a Hong Kong startup, has invented a system that can provide remote wildfire detection round the clock.
A home on Mars inspired by earthworms
Hong Kong architect Sidney Tang has been commended by US space agency NASA for his novel vision for a home on Mars.
Faster way to detect cancer tumours
A Chinese University researcher has developed a blood test to detect the location and type of cancer in just a few days.
Dynamic duets in virtual reality
There's a learning revolution underway at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts.
“B-Free” – A wheelchair that walks
Wheelchairs roll, right? Not quite – well, at least not in Hong Kong.
PolyU cancer killers count on parsley power
A new cancer-killing treatment is on the horizon, thanks to a cross-disciplinary team of researchers from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU).
Phone armour that even a Gorilla can't scratch
We all know that the glass on most touch-screen devices is easy to scratch or smudge with greasy fingers. So we use a protective cover… which affects clarity.
A smart dummy for the fashion set
Imagine a mannequin that can morph into any body shape with a few clicks on a computer. Imagine no more – i.Dummy is here.
Hong Kong's brilliant scientific minds
Over the years, Hong Kong's scientific community has made major breakthroughs in fields ranging from chemistry and physics to medicine and advanced robotics.
Leading Swedish medical research centre to set up in Hong Kong
Sweden's Karolinska Institutet, one of the world's top medical universities, has chosen Hong Kong to set up its first overseas centre.
Hong Kong-made solar car races in Australia
Engineering students of the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education readies SOPHIE, their aerodynamic solar car, to race in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge in Australia come October.