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Business Services

Business Services

Hong Kong consistently ranks high in the world’s leading surveys of best business cities, economic freedom, competitiveness, opportunity and ease of doing business.  
A powerful combination of factors – prime location, free flow of information and capital, efficient infrastructure, highly developed financial and business support services, strong intellectual property regime, a level playing field for business upheld by the rule of  law, and superb connectivity – makes Hong Kong a leading international financial, innovation and business hub.  
Sustaining all these advantages is Hong Kong’s talented pool of professionals in many areas of endeavour. 
That’s another reason why Hong Kong is the preferred place in Asia for international companies to establish a business or set up offices. At present, over 8 200 overseas companies, including more than 3 700 regional headquarters and offices.

"From robots to robotics – Hong Kong’s skilled professionals make it happen"

Once upon a time Hong Kong was famous for making toy robots. Today, we are a cutting-edge services economy with more of a focus on high-tech robotics. But no matter the era, the product, or the service one thing has never changed – the talented people who make it all happen. Hong Kong’s highly skilled professionals – our designers, bankers, lawyers, marketers, logistics experts and more – are the brains behind our success as a dynamic business hub and Asia’s world city. And they are the stars of our video – along with our old buddy the toy robot, of course!


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