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Hong Kong remains a welcoming city for tourists and investors, a safe place for travellers from around the world.

Hong Kong has a long tradition of peaceful and orderly processions. However, in recent weeks, some protesters have blocked roadways, vandalised property and confronted Police in unlawful assemblies. The Police will enforce the law strictly and resolutely.

Although the impact of these illegal confrontations is generally not widespread, it may have caused inconvenience to some visitors.

Recent protests at the Hong Kong International Airport (“HKIA”) have caused delays, cancellations and rescheduling of flights thus creating disruption to the travelling public and visitors. Airport Authority Hong Kong (“AA”) has obtained an interim injunction to restrain persons from unlawfully and willfully obstructing or interfering with the proper use of HKIA. Demonstrations or protest or public order event must be lawful and can only be staged in the area designated by AA. With various measures being implemented to facilitate passengers, HKIA’s operation is returning to normal. Travellers are advised to check with their airlines before proceeding to the airport and to keep an eye on the Airport website for other updates.

The HKSAR Government maintains close contact with the diplomatic corps and foreign chambers of commerce in Hong Kong about the latest situation.

Travel agents, hotels and business organisations are providing advice and making arrangements to minimise any possible disruptions to visitors.

The Government, the business sector - in particular the tourism, convention and exhibition, retail and food and beverage sectors - as well as the community at large, all stand ready to welcome and assist visitors to Hong Kong any time.

This online portal puts the facts at your fingertips covering transportation advice in relation to protests, clarifications of fake news, government press releases, conferences and events and more. It provides useful and timely information for businesspeople, travelers and residents alike.

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Last revision date: Aug 17, 2019