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Green Hong Kong

Hong Kong's urban cityscape is world famous but visitors are often surprised to learn that most of the territory is green. A short distance from Hong Kong's commercial district, you can enjoy a serene hiking trail or enjoy spectacular harbour views from a ferry to an outlying island. Few cities in the world can claim a stunning harbour, a UNESCO-listed geopark and nature hikes so close to bustling urban centres. About three-quarters of Hong Kong's total area of 1 108 square kilometres is countryside.

Hong Kong has 24 country parks and 22 special areas, including scenic mountains, forests, grasslands, marshes, reservoirs, coastline and islands, designated for conservation, education and recreation. There are also five marine parks and one marine reserve covering a total area of 2 430 hectares, including scenic coastal areas and important marine habitats.

Hong Kong is committed to becoming a cleaner, greener metropolis through a range of air quality improvement measures, encompassing environmental protection, energy, transport and planning, as well as co-operation with neighbouring Guangdong province. 

To promote a low-carbon, energy-saving lifestyle, the Government is promoting green buildings. The Zero Carbon Building in Kowloon Bay, a collaboration between the Government and the Construction Industry Council, helps promote good practices in the construction industry.

Last revision date: Mar 29, 2018