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Hong Kong for Business

A powerful combination of factors – prime location, high-speed communications, free flow of information, unrestricted capital flows and the world’s freest economy – has made Hong Kong a leading international business and financial centre. 

Hong Kong ranks high in the world’s leading surveys on best business cities, economic freedom, competitiveness, opportunity and ease of doing business. 

Thanks to different types of public and private initiatives especially designed to nurture startups and attract talents – government funding schemes, seed capital providers, business development support, design support, promotion platforms, market access, incubation programmes and co-work spaces – Hong Kong has become a global launch pad for start-ups. We also offer a robust IP protection regime to effectively protect the fruits of innovation and creativity, as well as professional services in licensing, franchising and IP registration.

International companies choose Hong Kong as their preferred place in Asia to establish a business or set up offices. At present, over 8 200 overseas and Mainland companies have offices in Hong Kong, of which about half are regional headquarters and offices. Hong Kong is keen to attract more overseas enterprises. Various government bodies offer a range of services and support to foreign companies looking to establish themselves here.

Hong Kong’s many advantages are enhanced by talented people, world-class infrastructure, well-developed international and domestic transport networks, quality business support services and financial infrastructure of the highest world standards.

An important international banking and financial hub, Hong Kong is China’s global financial centre. The Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect directly connects the capital markets of the two places and expedites the internationalisation of the Renminbi. The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong (SEHK) topped the global IPO rankings from 2009-2011 and in 2015-2016. More than 2 000 companies are listed in Hong Kong with total market capitalisation of about $32 trillion (US$4 trillion) and average daily turnover of over $80 billion.  

Inspired by the ancient economic corridors, the Belt and Road is a major initiative launched by the Central People's Government to stengthen co-operation on the political, economic and cultural fronts among economies across Asia, Europe and Africa. As a highly open economy with extensive and strong external connections, Hong Kong uniquely demonstrates the characteristics of "two systems" among our country's many cities. Hong Kong will play an active role to facilitate the implementation of the Belt and Road Initiative.

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Last revision date: Jun 6, 2018