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Innovation & Technology

Hong Kong’s capacity to innovate is supported by excellent connectivity with the Mainland of China and the rest of the world, world-class universities, and robust intellectual property protection. The Government strives to create a vibrant ecosystem with excellent software and hardware support for industry players to collaborate on research, development and innovation.  

Innovation and technology as well as testing and certification are two sectors with great potential for Hong Kong. Hong Kong has become a major information, communication and technology hub in the region, with international rankings consistently placing Hong Kong at the forefront. 

Hong Kong is fast becoming a start-up hub for technology firms. The Government is making efforts to create a better environment for technology start-ups in collaboration with local R&D institutions and universities. Talented people, world-class research facilities and robust intellectual property protection underpin Hong Kong’s growing success in science and technology. Over the years, Hong Kong’s scientific community has made major breakthroughs in fields ranging from chemistry and physics to medicine and advanced robotics.

New opportunities are brought about by opening up science and technology funding by the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) and the Ministry of Finance for application by Hong Kong higher education institutions and research institutions. Universities and research institutions in Hong Kong can now bid for funding to undertake central fiscal science and technology projects, on the basis of merit and competition.

Last revision date: Jun 14, 2018