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Financial Services & Business

Global Financial Centre

Hong Kong is one of the world's leading financial centres, ranking fourth, after London, New York and Singapore, in the latest Global Financial Centres Index. It is also China's premier global financial centre.

The financial services sector, which employs 246 700 people,contributes 17.6% to Hong Kong's GDP.

There are more than 200 banking institutions operating in Hong Kong. They include 70 of the world's 100 largest banks. We also have Asia's highest concentration of insurers – 160 at last count.

Hong Kong is a leading wealth and asset management centre, with the combined fund management business standing at US$2.23 trillion.

The historic Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect scheme, directly connecting the two bourses, enables institutional and retail investors in Hong Kong and from overseas to invest directly in eligible Mainland A-shares, while qualified Mainland investors can invest in eligible Hong Kong stocks. The Stock Connect, which links the Mainland market with international markets, enhances Hong Kong's role as a connector on the financial front.

Hong Kong is also the world's first and largest offshore Renminbi (RMB) centre, providing Mainland enterprises and international investors services ranging from cross-border trade settlement to bond issuance.

Hong Kong's interbank clearing system is the only one of its kind that can instantly process billions of dollars in transactions involving RMB, US Dollars, Euros and Hong Kong Dollars.

This is Our Hong Kong. Why not make it yours?

“The brain behind the bucks”

Our interbank clearing system, otherwise known as The Brain Behind the Bucks, provides a mission-critical service to our financial services professionals. Its seamless connectivity to banks around the world enables all transactions between banks in Hong Kong to be settled instantly if using US Dollars, Euro, Renminbi or Hong Kong Dollars. This helps maintain Hong Kong's position as a leading global financial centre.


Last revision date: Mar 14, 2020