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City Attributes

Brand Hong Kong Attributes

What makes Hong Kong distinctive, memorable and identifiable?

The city’s global outlook, combining the best of East and West, testifies to its cosmopolitan aspect.  Hong Kong, which upholds the rule of law and makes every effort to ensure a just, corruption-free society where people can feel secure and businesses can compete on a level playing field, testifies to the city’s sense of security.  Hong Kong is also a dynamic place.  Pluralistic and tolerant, Hong Kong has a rich culture and traditions, and a modern cityscape that contrasts with a rural landscape full of varied plant and animal life, making it a diverse place. Hong Kong is globally connected with a first-rate infrastructure and communications network, which makes it a gateway to China and the rest of the world.

This is Our Hong Kong. Why not make it yours?

"Our Tall Story"

Our “Tall Story” is about a dynamic global financial hub, a connected city that connects the world. A city where East meets West, and home to a diverse cosmopolitan mix of people, where stability and security enables life and business to thrive. It is also a city surrounded by green countryside.


Last revision date: Mar 14, 2020