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Hong Kong Business Etiquette Tips

  1. When you give or receive a calling card, do so with both hands. Don’t write on someone’s business card. It’s considered rude.
Business Etiquette Tips 01 Business Etiquette Tips 01
  1. Address business associates by their professional title, "Mr" or Ms” and their last name. It is not uncommon for Chinese women to use their maiden surname.
  2. If a business contact invites you to dinner, it is considered impolite to simply refuse. If you genuinely can’t make it, suggest a more convenient date, but do try to find the time.
  3. Seating matters: when it comes to dining out: the guest of honour usually sits to the right of the host and the second important guest sits to his left. If in doubt, ask your host where to sit or wait for them to offer you a seat.
  4. Do not pour your own drink first. Pour everyone a drink, and even if a person's cup or glass is filled, try to pour a few drops.
Business Etiquette Tips 02 Business Etiquette Tips 02
  1. Your host may make a toast in your honour during dinner. Accept it graciously by smiling, raising your glass, taking a sip, and thanking everyone present.
  2. Always use both hands to give or accept gifts. Upon receiving a gift, thank the giver and set it aside; it is considered rude to unwrap it in their presence.
Business Etiquette Tips 03 Business Etiquette Tips 03
  1. Punctuality is important, so allow enough time to get to appointments.
Last revision date: Jan 21, 2021