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Hong Kong Climate

Sub-tropical Hong Kong is temperate for about six months of the year. 

During spring, from March to May, daytime temperatures range between 17°C and 26°C and humidity starts to rise. In summer (June to August), it gets hot and the temperature can reach 35°C. High humidity can make it feel hotter. This is also Hong Kong’s wettest period and thunderstorms can be expected.

The weather is pleasant from November to December, with lower humidity and sunny skies. Daytime temperature ranges between 16°C and 24°C. 

January to February is cloudy, with occasional cold fronts followed by dry northerly winds. Temperatures can drop below 10°C in urban areas.

The Hong Kong Observatory issues typhoon alerts. There are five signals. If typhoon signal 8 or above is raised, schools, businesses and shops close and flights may be cancelled.

For more information about the current weather in Hong Kong, visit the Hong Kong Observatory.

Last revision date: Jan 21, 2021