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Biotech blossoms in HK

Hong Kong hosts more than 250 biotechnology -related companies. They are attracted by the city’s excellent infrastructure, research funding and R&D capabilities. Hong Kong universities also engage in cutting-edge biomedical research, and have made major contributions in fields such as genomics and infectious diseases.

Innovation & Technology

Smart Dummy grows in style
Imagine a mannequin that can morph into any body shape with a few clicks on a computer. Imagine no more – i.Dummy can do it.
Hand of Hope helps stroke patients
The Hand of Hope is a device developed in Hong Kong to help stroke victims regain the use of their hands.
MIT opens first overseas node in Hong Kong
The MIT Hong Kong Innovation Node – the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s first innovation node in the world – aims to strengthen the region’s
Hong Kong • An emerging tech hub
Hong Kong is rapidly emerging as a regional tech hub.
Students set 3D world record
A 3D-printed sculpture of Victoria Harbour, created by local secondary students to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of the HKSAR, has set a Guinness World
Hi-Five for HK Wi-Fi
With over 44 000 public Wi-Fi hotspots across the city, Hong Kong has one of the world’s highest penetrations of Wi-Fi access.
Last revision date: Apr 17, 2018