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City Attributes – Civil Aid Service offers emergency support

The Civil Aid Service (CAS), a Hong Kong SAR Government auxiliary emergency service, provides civil support services during emergencies to relieve the pressure on Hong Kong's regular emergency services.
Formed in 1952 as a wartime-oriented civil defense unit, the CAS has grown into a multi-task auxiliary organisation, with over 3 600 civilian members.
The CAS works closely with other full-time services in a wide range of emergency duties during natural disasters such as typhoons, floods and landslips. They also help hikers in distress and fighting hill fires. Other duties include community services such as crowd control during community events and fire patrols in country parks.
The CAS Cadet Corps comprises more than 3 200 youngsters aged 12 to 17, who get opportunities to develop their leadership skills and learn about civic responsibilities.

City Attributes

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Last revision date: Mar 23, 2018