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City Attributes – Equality protected by law

Hong Kong upholds equality with laws that protect people against discrimination on the grounds of sex, race, disability and family status.
Ethnic minorities and expatriates from around the world live in harmony in the city and make up about 8 per cent of Hong Kong’s population of 7.38 million. 
Hong Kong also upholds gender equality, promotes women's advancement and advocates family-friendly employment practices. Women hold about one-third of senior government positions and about 30 per cent of private sector management positions.
Laws against unfair trade practices covering goods and services offer consumers greater protection, while local and international companies compete on an equal footing in Hong Kong's "nationality neutral" business environment.

City Attributes

Our tall story
Our “Tall Story” is about a dynamic global financial hub, a connected city that connects the world.
KLOOK offers best traval deals in over 120 destinations
Travel platform Klook, which people use to browse and book the best deals on travel attractions, was launched in Hong Kong in 2014 with only three destinations, including Hong Kong, Macau
Safe city gets safer
The overall law and order situation in Hong Kong continued to improve in 2017, with crime figures decreasing 7.6 per cent when compared with 2016. The crime rate per 100,000 population stood at 758
Hong Kong on the move
Every day, over 12.6 million passenger journeys – 90 per cent of daily commutes – are made on Hong Kong’s efficient public transport system, comprising railways, trams, buses
Telecom Hub Hong Kong
Hong Kong's telecommunications infrastructure is one of the world's most advanced, with a wide range of innovative services available at low cost.
Getting sporty in HK
Sport enthusiasts are spoilt for choice in Hong Kong.
Last revision date: Mar 23, 2018