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Entry to Hong Kong during the Fight Against COVID-19

Hong Kong is taking rigorous action in various areas to contain the spread of COVID-19.  Non-Hong Kong residents arriving by air are denied entry to the city until further notice. The transit services at the airport have resumed normal from June 1. Other measures include stringent enforcement of quarantine orders and tightened practice of social distancing. 

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Press Release:

Compulsory quarantine for inbound travellers extended
Entry restriction on non-HK residents coming from overseas extended
Government enhances testing arrangements for asymptomatic inbound travellers
Transit/Transfer Services to Resume on June 1
Mechanism to apply for exemption from compulsory quarantine arrangement:  
 - Directors and executives of specified listed companies
 - Directors of listed companies or listing applicants
 - Enterprises with operating base relating to logistics, port and/or shipping business in Mainland
 - Enterprises with provision of construction-related professional services in Mainland
 - Hong Kong medical service providers in Mainland
 - Legal and dispute resolution services providers
 - Legal practitioners providing services for important and large-scale commercial transactions
 - Persons engaged in technological R&D co-operation-related activities in the Mainland, Macao or Taiwan
 - Registered practice units of HKICPA
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The Fight Against COVID-19

Last revision date: Jul 3, 2020