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Hong Kong is calling! “Hong Kong - Where the World Looks Ahead” 2023 is a global publicity campaign to raise awareness about the city’s competitive advantages and exciting opportunities for businesses and talents, all in a city that’s within a four-hour flight of major Asian cities and a five-hour flight from half the world's population.

With a pool of professionals well-versed in international business practices and protocols, grounded in the rule of law to provide a level playing field for any aspiring start-ups, and most supportive government policies for innovation and R&Ds in finance and technology, Hong Kong is like no place else in the world to realise your business ambitions or take your careers to the next level.

This campaign launched in July also celebrates the unique blend of efficiency, East-meets-West heritage and dynamic cosmopolitan lifestyle that underpin Hong Kong’s reputation as Asia’s world city.


Core Message

Hong Kong offers a secure, business-enabling environment for investors and entrepreneurs with direct access to the Chinese economy, while its cultural mix of East and West makes it an enchanting place to live, study and work.

Hong Kong is:

Last revision date : 09/08/2023


Hong Kong - Where the World Looks Ahead (1 min)
Hong Kong - Where the World Looks Ahead (30 sec)
Green Hong Kong (80 sec)
Green Hong Kong (30 sec)

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Hong Kong - Where the World Looks Ahead
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Green Hong Kong