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Connect and Excel

In November 2018, BrandHK launched the “Connect and Excel” campaign to promote Hong Kong’s strengths, advantages and potential with emphasis on Hong Kong’s core values and attributes. The campaign invites global audiences and stakeholders to explore the aspirational qualities of Asia’s world city.

“Connect and Excel” defines how Hong Kong’s high degree of connectivity, globally and with the Mainland of China, helps propel people and businesses to excellence in their chosen fields. Our sound fundamentals not only relate to physical connectivity but also to financial, legal, scientific research and creative links as well as people-to-people connectivity.

Benefiting from the “one country, two systems” principle, Hong Kong is well-established as a business and financial hub in Asia connecting people to unique opportunities in Mainland China and around the world. With the rule of law, a tried and trusted common law system and an independent judiciary as well as robust protection of intellectual property, Hong Kong is a safe place to work, live and raise a family.

Hong Kong offers a high quality of living with a year-round calendar of cultural, arts and sports events as well as stunning natural beauty.

This campaign highlights how the many unique strengths of Hong Kong can help people and businesses connect with opportunities around the world and excel in a wide variety of areas, from business and finance to arts, culture and high quality living.

You are welcome to connect with Hong Kong and excel in Asia’s world city!

Meet KamChAi, a robot tea maker that brews nine cups of Hong Kong’s signature milk tea in just 12 minutes. This robotic technology is helping to preserve a cultural tradition and is another great example of the entrepreneurial innovation and invention that thrives in Hong Kong.
Known as a place for serious business, Hong Kong is also committed to arts, culture and sports. Ours is a vibrant society that delivers exciting, exhilarating entertainment year-round in a unique fusion of East and West.
Hong Kong has been rated the world’s freest economy for 25 consecutive years since 1995*. Now, with the opening of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, the world’s longest sea crossing, Hong Kong has never been better placed to connect to the unique economic opportunities of China’s Greater Bay Area and Belt & Road Initiative.
As the world's #1 hub for air cargo* and located within five hours of half the world's population, Hong Kong is perfectly positioned as a global hub for trade and travel, where business and talent from around the world connect.
With state-of-the-art telecommunications, fast, unrestricted broadband and a mobile penetration rate over 250%, Hong Kong is consistently rated as one of the world’s most connected cities. But connections go beyond data and information. This is a place where people and businesses connect in a big way.
With its heritage as a trading and financial centre for more than a century and a half, Hong Kong is Asia’s #1 Global Financial Centre* delivering returns in financial services. Ongoing investment in fintech and business start-up infrastructure will see Hong Kong continue to thrive as a leading global financial hub.
Connect to Hong Kong and you connect to a wealth of talent across the entire spectrum of business and professional services which account for 93% of our GDP.
Hong Kong is a society where the rule of law reigns supreme, where partners in business and trade can trust in the integrity and history of the legal system - a system that is the bedrock of Hong Kong’s success and rated #1 for judicial independence in Asia*.

Last revision date: Nov 24, 2018

Last revision date: May 3, 2021