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Our Hong Kong

In June 2015, BrandHK launched the “Our Hong Kong” campaign to promote Hong Kong's soft strengths, achievements and aspirations while reinforcing Hong Kong's core values and attributes. Through authentic stories, the campaign invites global audiences to experience Hong Kong themselves with the tagline, “This is Our Hong Kong. Why not make it yours?”

The campaign focuses on Hong Kong's strengthening advantages through the following stories:

Business Services
Hong Kong consistently ranks high in the world’s leading surveys of best business cities, economic freedom, competitiveness, opportunity and ease of doing business.
Beyond the gleaming facades of Hong Kong skyscrapers, you will find wall-to-wall creativity. The open, pluralistic and international environment that created Hong Kong as a business hub also provides fertile ground for Hong Kong creative talent to flourish.
City Attributes
Our “Tall Story” is about a dynamic global financial hub, a connected city that connects the world. A city where East meets West, and home to a diverse cosmopolitan mix of people, where stability and security enables life and business to thrive. It is also a city surrounded by green countryside.
Financial Services & Business
“The brain behind the bucks” focuses on fintech and features Hong Kong's unique interbank clearing system, which is the only one in the world to match Renminbi in real time with the United States dollar, the euro and the Hong Kong dollar.
Innovation & Technology
“The new clean fuel” focuses on innovation and technology and highlights a breakthrough by Hong Kong scientists researching the chemical generation of hydrogen, a clean fuel.
Arts & Culture
“Where East meets West” focuses on arts and culture through the eyes of a "typical Hong Kong girl" who loves performing arts, including Cantonese opera.
Green Living
“A building that adds up to zero” focuses on green living and features the ZCB (Zero Carbon Building) in Kowloon East, which serves as an exemplar for green

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