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Safe & Secure Hong Kong

As one of the safest large cities in the world, residents and visitors cherish Hong Kong’s safe and secure environment buttressed by the rule of law, a robust and transparent legal system and a police force that is regarded as “Asia’s finest”.

Whether at home, taking public transport or out on the town, people go about their daily routines reassured by Hong Kong’s low crime rate and law-abiding community. In 2019, the number of crimes reported was 787 cases per 100,000 population.

Peace of mind extends to the business community. The sound legal infrastructure is a major draw for companies from Mainland China and overseas to set up and do business in Hong Kong.Providing assurance that contracts are enforced, disputes are settled fairly and private property (including intellectual property) is well protected.

Download our One Country, Two Systems and Law on Safeguarding National Security in Hong Kong fact sheets for more information


Last revision date: Sep 17, 2020

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