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About Brand Hong Kong

What is Brand Hong Kong?

Brand Hong Kong (BrandHK) is a strategic communications programme to promote Hong Kong as Asia's world city.

The concept for BrandHK arose from the need to position Hong Kong as a top international city in the wake of the 1997 establishment of Hong Kong as a Special Administrative Region. Extensive research was conducted to understand Hong Kong's competitive strengths, what Hong Kong stands for, and what Hong Kong aspires to be. The launch of the brand in 2001 and a revitalisation in 2010 centred around this positioning statement, which reflects the core values and attributes of Asia's world city:


Hong Kong is a free and dynamic society where creativity and entrepreneurship converge. Strategically located in the heart of Asia, it is a cosmopolitan city offering global connectivity, security and rich diversity, and is home to a unique network of people who celebrate excellence and quality living.

Core Values

Core Values


Hong Kong is an open society, where economic and social freedoms are cherished.


Efficient, industrious and resilient, Hong Kong people are renowned for their can-do spirit, entrepreneurial skills and an ability to create opportunities.

Quality Living

Hong Kong people strive for quality of life that encompasses a green living environment, work-life balance and a lifestyle that appreciates arts and culture, and treasures Hong Kong's nature and heritage.


Hong Kong people value creativity and originality, and are forward-looking and adaptable. They seek to achieve an education system and social environment conducive to creativity.


Quality, professionalism and progress are valued highly in Hong Kong, enabling world-class achievements in many fields.




Hong Kong has a global outlook and combines the best of East and West. It is a world in a city.


In Hong Kong, rule of law is upheld and every effort is made to ensure a just, corruption-free society where people can feel secure and businesses can compete on a level playing field.


Energetic, vibrant, flexible - these are the words most often used to describe Hong Kong.


Pluralistic and tolerant, Hong Kong has a rich culture and traditions, and a modern cityscape that contrasts with a rural landscape full of varied plant and animal life.


Globally connected with a first-rate infrastructure and communications network, Hong Kong is the gateway to China and the rest of the world.

Visual Identity

BrandHK's visual identity incorporates a stylised “flying dragon” – a mythical and powerful icon that links the city's historic past with its energetic modernity. The colourful ribbons extending from the dragon evoke versatility, diversity and dynamism. The blue and green ribbons symbolise blue sky and a sustainable environment, while the red ribbon is a silhouette of Lion Rock – a local landmark representing the “can-do” spirit of Hong Kong people.


Brand Review and Refresh

The 2010 brand review involved collecting feedback from local and international audiences through opinion surveys and engaging with them through interactive activities such as a song and lyrics competition. Findings from the review showed that while Hong Kong's hard assets, such as its incredible skyline, infrastructure and efficient transportation network were top of mind, the soft assets, such as its extensive countryside, rich culture and intangible benefits such as freedom of expression, were not as well known. The resulting campaign for the brand re-launch was “Faces of Hong Kong”, a collection of stories told by people of all walks of life that portrayed the softer side of Hong Kong. “Our Hong Kong” campaign, developed in 2015, promotes Hong Kong's soft strengths, achievements and aspirations. It reinforces Hong Kong's core values and attributes and invites external audiences to consider experiencing the city for themselves to make it “Your Hong Kong”- as entrepreneurs, investors or visitors. It also communicates a sense of collective pride through interesting real-life stories about Hong Kong and its people. As Hong Kong evolves, so does the focus of BrandHK. Introduced in 2018, a new “Connect and Excel” theme spotlights the power of synergy between our core value “excellence” and competitive attribute “connectivity”. Indeed, Hong Kong’s latest achievements in delivering mega infrastructure, forging research partnerships and communication networks, and attracting global talent make Asia’s world city the best place for people to “Connect and Excel” in their chosen fields.

In 2023, a new campaign was launched - “Hong Kong - Where the World Looks Ahead” - highlighting our unique positioning as the only city in the world that offers a secure, dynamic environment for business, an exciting, cosmopolitan lifestyle and direct access to the Chinese economy. The campaign promotes Hong Kong as the best place in Asia to invest, do business and live - a global financial centre providing unrivalled access to the biggest markets of the 21st century, a cornerstone of the Greater Bay Area, a world-class tech and innovation research hub and a leading cultural and events destination.

Last revision date : 02/12/2021