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Since the outbreak of the fifth wave of the epidemic in Hong Kong in December 2021, the Government has been racing against time to curb the spread of the highly- transmissible omicron variant, reduce infection rates and ease pressure on the healthcare system.

Swift and targetted initiatives have been deployed under the guiding principle of "preventing the importation of cases and the spread of the virus in the community" in pursuit of "dynamic zero infection". Strong support from the Central Authorities in terms of expertise, manpower and resources has been leveraged to implement the current anti-epidemic policy of "lowering of deaths, severe cases and infection". To cut virus transmission chains as quickly as possible, multi-pronged measures have been rolled out:
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Fight Against the Coronavirus

COVID-19 Vaccination Programme

StayHomeSafe Scheme

Rapid Antigen Tests

Declaration System for individuals tested positive for COVID-19 using Rapid Antigen Test

CHP's geospatial dashboard on COVID-19

HK University dashboard on COVID-19 (with real-time effective reproductive number)

"LeaveHomeSafe" exposure notification app

COVID-19 Electronic Vaccination and Testing Record System

May 16 New Update


Contain and Suppress

Contain and Suppress

Early Testing, Isolation and Treatment

Contain and Suppress
Community Support

Concerted Efforts and Support

  1. [A]  List of private doctors who can prescribe COVID-19 oral drugs published

    The list of private doctors registered with the eHRSS who have obtained the COVID-19 antivirals for managing COVID-19 cases is published on to facilitate the public in receiving treatment. The list will be updated when appropriate to reflect the changes in the number of doctors.

  2. [B]  Government to re-introduce online platform for declaration of non-local vaccination record

    To provide an additional channel for members of the public to declare their non-local COVID-19 vaccination record, the Government is currently updating the system with a view to re-introducing the online platform for declaration of non-local vaccination record. Details will be announced as soon as possible. The Provisional Vaccine Pass is only applicable to persons who have arrived in Hong Kong on or after May 1 this year…There is no need for persons who arrived in Hong Kong and have obtained their non-local COVID-19 vaccination record QR code (or non-local vaccination record QR code with their recovery status incorporated) at boundary control points or post offices since September last year to make any declaration again at post offices.

  3. Government announces arrangements for Provisional Vaccine Pass and non-local recovery record for inbound travellers
    • Starting from May 5, inbound travellers who are subject to compulsory quarantine will be issued with a vaccination record QR code and a Provisional Vaccine Pass for local use apart from a compulsory quarantine order at boundary control points (including land and airport boundary control points) upon entering Hong Kong.
    • Inbound travellers who arrived in Hong Kong before May 5 and are undergoing compulsory quarantine may visit the 18 designated post offices after completing quarantine and fill in the declaration form, present their identity document in original and their quarantine order to obtain the Provisional Vaccine Pass.
    • Inbound travellers who arrived in Hong Kong from the Mainland or Macao on or after May 1 and are not required to undergo compulsory quarantine (including persons who enter Hong Kong through the Return2hk Scheme or Come2hk Scheme) may declare their arrival record at the 18 designated post offices for obtaining a Provisional Vaccine Pass starting from May 5.
    • To facilitate the use of the Vaccine Pass by non-locally recovered persons, they may declare their non-local recovery record upon entry into Hong Kong starting from May 5 in order to obtain a non-local vaccination record QR code incorporating their recovery status.

  4. Government announces arrangement to download recovery record QR code and implementation details of second stage of Vaccine Pass

    To facilitate the use of the Vaccine Pass by recovered persons, starting from today, they may download the recovery record QR code through the COVID-19 Electronic Vaccination and Testing Record System ( Recovered persons can also choose to download the recovery record QR code using "iAM Smart" or the latest version of "eHealth" mobile applications.

  5. [C]  Latest operation arrangements for Community Vaccination Centres
    • Starting from May 16, the Children Community Vaccination Centres (CCVCs) will open from 10am to 6pm daily. Starting from June 1, the opening hours of the CVCs will be from 10am and 6pm from Monday to Friday, and between 8am and 8pm on Saturdays and Sundays.
    • Five CVCs will be closed.
    • Starting from June 1, the CCVCs at Yuen Chau Kok Sports Centre in Sha Tin and Tsuen Wan Sports Centre will be relocated to the CUHK Medical Centre in Sha Tin and Osman Ramju Sadick Memorial Sports Centre in Kwai Chung respectively.
    • 21 CVCs will continue to provide COVID-19 vaccination service to the public in June.

  6. Territory-wide Home Vaccination Service commences for persons with special needs to receive COVID-19 vaccination

    The Secretary for the Civil Service, Mr Patrick Nip said, "Since the launch of registration a week ago, as of last night, about 7 900 persons had registered for the door-to-door vaccination service. We are very grateful for the support from the public, but we believe that there are still some people with special needs adopting a wait-and-see attitude, who we hope will grasp the opportunity and register as early as possible. There are 20 teams of staff from various medical organisations and groups today providing door-to-door vaccination in Eastern District. We will launch the door-to-door vaccination service in Sai Kung District on Thursday (April 28) and will progressively increase the daily number of outreach teams to speed up the progress of vaccination. We are also very grateful to the Hong Kong Community Anti-Coronavirus Link and the Hong Kong Volunteers Against Coronavirus for sending volunteers to assist the medical teams in the door-to-door vaccination service."

  7. [D]  CE inspects handover of community isolation facility in Penny's Bay

    The Penny's Bay CIF is the largest among the isolation facilities constructed with Mainland support, providing around 7,000 units and around 14,000 beds in total. Given the large scale of the facility, China State Construction will hand over the CIF to the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) Government for operation in phases. The first batch handed over today has around 1,000 units and around 2,000 beds. The remaining facilities in Penny's Bay, as well as the sizable CIFs adjacent to the Kai Tak Cruise Terminal and in the Lok Ma Chau Loop, are expected to be handed over to the HKSAR Government for operation within this month and over the next three months. Counting the six CIFs opened earlier, the nine CIFs constructed with Mainland support are set to provide about 50,000 beds. The anti-epidemic capabilities of Hong Kong would be greatly enhanced, which are incomparable to the shortfall of isolation facilities two months ago.

  8. [E]  Update on supplies from Mainland

  9. [F] Government enhances distribution arrangement of free rapid antigen test kits to elderly persons

    The Government started on April 19 the distribution of free rapid antigen test (RAT) kits to elderly persons aged 60 or above through various service units…The Government has observed long queues at a number of service units. Also, some elderly persons expressed that they were unable to collect the RAT kits as they are neither members nor service users of the relevant service units. To address the situation concerned, the Food and Health Bureau has immediately arranged logistics to provide stock replenishment to individual service units these few days. More frequent logistical support will also be arranged in the future to avoid the circumstance in which the elderly are unable to get the RAT kits.

  10. “Declaration System for Individuals Tested Positive for COVID-19 Using Rapid Antigen Test” launched

    The Centre for Health Protection (CHP) of the Department of Health (DH) launched the “Declaration System for individuals tested positive for COVID-19 using Rapid Antigen Test” on March 7. People who have tested positive by Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) can register direct their results via the platform, to facilitate the CHP to grasp the epidemic situation more accurately as well as to provide more appropriate support for patients with higher risks.

    The link to the System is

  11. [G]  First batch of wage subsidies under 2022 Employment Support Scheme approved today

    Starting from May 10, the first batch of successful employers will receive notifications via SMS message and email. Employers will normally receive the wage subsidies of May, involving around $2.3 billion in total, within one week after receiving the notifications. These employers have committed to employ around 300,000 employees in May. About 98 per cent of the first batch of employers receiving wage subsidies are micro- or small and medium-sized enterprises with less than 50 employees.

  12. Third batch of subsidies disbursed under Temporary Unemployment Relief Scheme

  13. Provision of fuel subsidy to public light buses and taxis under sixth round of Anti-epidemic Fund

  14. One-off relief grant to be provided to operators of light refreshment kiosks, fast food kiosks and retail outlets in LCSD's venues under sixth round of Anti-epidemic Fund

  15. [H]  Hospital Authority appreciates the generous donation from Sun Hung Kai Properties

    The Hospital Authority expresses heartfelt appreciation to Sun Hung Kai Properties for its generous donation of 5 000 Anti-epidemic care packs to support frontline healthcare workers fighting against the epidemic, boosting morale; and, at the same time, to provide 25 medical disinfection robots to HA for use.

  16. Hospital Authority appreciates generous donation from Shaw Foundation

    The Hospital Authority expressed its heartfelt appreciation to the Shaw Foundation for its generous donation of $10 million to support healthcare workers.

  17. Hospital Authority appreciates generous donation from Li Ka Shing Foundation

  18. Hospital Authority appreciates generous donation from New World Development Company Limited

  19. Hospital Authority appreciates the generous donation from Hong Kong Community Anti-Coronavirus Link

Last revision date: 16/05/2022

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