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Entry to Hong Kong

Hong Kong is taking rigorous action in various areas to contain the spread of COVID-19. To learn more about the latest conditions imposed on inbound travellers from specified high risk places, please refer to here.

Other measures include stringent enforcement of quarantine orders and tightened practice of social distancing. To learn more and keep up with the latest developments, please visit:

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Return2hk Scheme

Come2hk Scheme

Conditions Imposed on Inbound Travellers from Specified High Risk Places

Designated Hotels for Quarantine - All You Need to Know

List of Designated Hotels (Sep 1 to Nov 30)

Latest Quarantine Advisories for Travellers: 10 FAQs

COVID-19 Vaccination Programme

"LeaveHomeSafe" Mobile App

Geographical Dashboard

List of Places of Issuance of Recognised Vaccination Records

Last revision date: 02/11/2021