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Campaign Archive

Hong Kong's vitality and energy mean that the city is constantly changing, so our campaigns to promote “Asia's world city” have developed over the years, too.

In 2010, we launched our "Faces of Hong Kong" campaign to promote the city and show the financial powerhouse's “human side.” The campaign highlighted Hong Kong's soft power - the richness of its culture and heritage, as well as the enterprising spirit, innovation and creativity of its people. We invited a global audience to get to know more about Hong Kong through the real stories of people here, people from all walks of life who illuminate the brand's values and attributes.

In 2015, “Our Hong Kong” campaign was launched to further promote Hong Kong's soft strengths, achievements and aspirations. While reinforcing Hong Kong's core values and attributes, the campaign invites external audiences to consider experiencing the city for themselves to make it “Your Hong Kong”. It also communicates a sense of collective pride and achievement through interesting real-life stories.

Faces of Hong Kong

Gateways and Portals (2001)